Caracas - Paris - 2014

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For more than 10 years, the city has become the main theme and the recurrent material of my work. With different ways of approaching the city in general, and Caracas in particular, I have produced many series of works, which are fragments to re-compose different images of the society.  Cartographies made out of plastic materials, wall paintings from the grids of the colonial city, sculptures made of brooms with the help of street vendors who roam the streets with their merchandise, sculptures made from metal structures of broken umbrellas which I find in the streets, supermarket carts full of interesting garbage and waste, pictures made from the superposition of plastic grocery bags, aerial structures of interlocking comets and many other artworks with objects found during my outings, whether on foot, bike or truck through the streets of Caracas, Paris, Miami, New York, San Juan, etc.  In my latest series of work, a cartographic installation which arise from the drawing of Caracas rooftops, take form in partial models of the slums of the city, structured as a puzzle, each installation is composed by pieces cut in cardboard, aluminum, black iron or plastic.

Every day, thousands of thousands of people, moving from their hometown to another, are hunted by memories into the new city they have chosen.Nothing will be the same anymore, 2016, is a photographic project, massive wallpaper with the intention of shaping a new city with compiled, combined, superposed, and painted photographies of Paris and Caracas at the same time.  This book is a catalogue of ideas for scenarios to be installed at the museum galleries.  I have also started to portrait the faces starring this love story, that will be included in the final exhibition and publications.